At Montealto Energy, we make a strong bet on the wind energy industry.

The company commenced construction of two wind parks in Cupisnique and Talara, Peru, jointly with the firm that had made the winning bid in a tender called by the Peruvian

Government, Energía Eólica S.A. The wind farms will have a capacity of 110 MW and 62 wind turbines generating 420 GWh/year to be supplied to more than 240,000 households, reducing carbon emissions by 240,876 tonnes. The total investment in these wind energy projects amounts to 270 M USD. In the construction stage, 220 direct and indirect will be created.

When the wind parks start operating in 2013, Montealto will provide operation and maintenance services throughout their life cycle.

In addition, the company is about to finish the construction of a wind park in Spain of 6 MW that will generate 16,039,000 KWh/year to be supplied to 9,500 households.

Currently, Montealto Energy is developing a wind energy portfolio in excess of 1,400 MW.