Montealto has a corporate policy to which all the annual business goals must adhere in order to achieve excellence. According to the policy statement, the management is committed to:

  • Ongoing improvement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Environment protection
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Knowledge creation

Based on these principles, an Integrated Management System has been established that is at the core of all the certifications granted to the companies involved. There is, therefore, a corporate policy and special policies that apply to particular companies but must adhere to the corporate policy. The special policies target more specific issues, depending on the services/products offered by each company and on the relevant standards. Apart from the corporate policy, Montealto has defined four special policies:

  • Montealto Infrastructures, S.L.U. management policy
  • Montealto Project Management, S.L. management policy
  • Montealto Corporation XXI, S. L. management policy
  • Montealto Research, Development and Innovation, S.L. management policy