In line with its mission, vision and values, Montealto targets sustainable management, ensuring environmental sustainability in all its services and processes. In this sense, it has adopted a reporting system that quantifies greenhouse gas emissions in all the projects developed by the company.

Furthermore, in 2011, Montealto introduced and expanded an environmental indicator system to measure results. The data are then used to assess sustainability and set environmental management improvement goals. Environmental indicators show us the right path and provide accurate information at all times.

Based on this information, Montealto focuses on:

  • Sustainability and sustainable management in all its activities.
  • Environmental risk assessment, taking measures to minimise environmental impact.
  • Goal setting aimed at ongoing improvement.
  • Performance guidelines that meet our commitment to environmental protection.
  • Energy and resource saving in construction sites and offices.
  • R&D+i projects focusing on further reducing carbon footprint in related business lines.